Yuki, the joyful energy

This technique stems from the Setaï and has been transmitted to us by I. Tsuda, who learned it form Master Nogushi, that formalized it.

The principle is quite simple. The harmonization of the receiver’s body is achieved by injecting energy through the giver, that channels it.

With the appropriate training, the practitioner knows instinctively where to place his hands. the receiver may have a particular request, of course. However, the practitioner must remain aware of the body’s energy as a whole.

Traditionally, Yuki-ho is given on the ground (mat, tatami, …) because the first step is performed on a sitting receiver and he lies down when ready, keeping his eyes closed.
On the other hand, it can be given in all positions : on a chair, on a massage table, a coach, a bed, etc. If the first step is skipped, entering in a meditative state is an essential prerequisite. This allows the body to better manage the new information.

Yuki is part of the regenerative movement, following I. Tsuda’s group session sequence, and also can be given as an independent practice in an individual session.

In order to have the best energetic effect, wearing slim clothes, belts and others is to be avoided.