Marc and Véronique De Brabandere welcome you in a cocoon and relaxing environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. The proposed techniques are often little known. We will help you make your choice with the greatest pleasure and help you find what suits you best.


EKI-Vibre offers you different practices that share the same purpose, self rebalancing and relaxation.

Each one has its own advantages and usage.
They are in no way a substitute for conventional medicine.

  • Japanese Vibrations (Also called non-verbale relaxation): deep meditative relaxation, induced by body vibrations from the feet to head;
  • Tibetan Bowls (also called Singing Bowls) : meditative relaxation by the sound of bowls (and chimes or gongs) / action on chakras & aura as well;
  • Tuning Forks: action on acupuncture points, organes, membranes, chakra, aura depending on the used frequency and the technique.
  • Familial Shiatsumake energy flow through the meridians to act on the related organs;
  • Foot Reflexology
    Action on all organs from the terminal nerve endings on the feet;
  • Meditation;
  • Katsugen Undo, the regenerating movement: let the body retune and rebalance itself;
  • Yuki: when the energy transfer activates self-balance.

About us

The concept of EKI-Vibre was created by Véronique and Marc De Brabandere-Devroe.

Although technical and scientific, they have been aware of energy and trained since their childhood.

Eki-Vibre is only the formalization and the opening to all of their knowledge and skills.
They share them with pleasure and good humor.

Their fields of research has no limits. They are interested in everything and are complementary. They share out the research. Thus, for example, Véronique is more interested in geology and chemistry while Marc is more immersed in the natural sciences. Both explore new energectic approches and related techniques according to their affinities (sylvotherapy / Shinrin-Yoku, LaHoChi, microostéo, neurosciences, etc.).


Sonology Workshop : The sound, a help for personal development

As a first introduction to wellness sonology, this workshop will teach you how to take care of yourself with the sound and more precisely with singing bowls. We shall quickly overview sonology in most of its aspects and then focus on instruments that are tipically used for soundbaths and individual sessions: Tibetan bows, tuning forks, …

Regenerative Movement (Katsugen Undô): PUBLICATION

We just published the description page about the regenerative movement en Yuki. You also can read the blog post we wrote (french only) and that is published bythe magazine être-plus. Please check the agenda (french only) for the different sessions.In order to achieve the target of the regenerating movement, we offer two either recurrent one …