Tuning Forks

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks are usually given while the receiver is lying on a table. In some cases, it can be given on tatamis, a chair or a massage chair.

Depending on the need of the receiver, the practitioner will use tuning forks that are weighted or not.

Weighted Tuning Forks

These tuning forks vibrate at a low frequency and have a low and very soft sound. Their usage resides in the power of the vibrations.
The practitioner puts the base of the tuning fork on the needed points; the vibration propagates then from that place, deeply into the body (an acupuncture point, a bone a muscle, a membre) and in the direction desired by the therapist.

This allows to act like acupuncture/reflexology or direcly on a part of the body. It is thus possible to relax muscles, balance the organ’s functions or stimulate tendons etc.

These tuning forks allow also permits acting deeply on feelings and help during difficult transissions, slump, and others.

If needed, they will be used for cleaning the energetic field of the reciever.

Common Tuning Forks

These are like classical tuning forks. here, it is the sound that interests us. They have a more subtle effect than the weighted version.

They are thus useful for the following usage:

  • sound relaxation;
  • action on chakras and the aura;
  • cleanup of the energetic body field..