Relaxation through Sound Bath

It’s been time to go back to school and work. Therefor, we suggest you relaxing during the week-end, with a Sound Bath.

This is like a concert.
The therapeutic instruments are give another dimention and are deeply relaxing.

Each one chose on the moment, following his needs, either to lye down or to sit.
Lying is of course more relaxing. But sitting is more suitable for meditation.

Each one is invited to concentrate on his needs and the inner actions one want to be induced by the sound.
One concentrates on one-self, on one’s feeling.
We care of us.

We’ll be delighted to share this moment with you.
Marc et Véronique De Brabandere


Capacity: 8 pers. maximum
Price: €15,-
Reservation mandatory : 0494 89 97 29 (phone & watsapp) or messenger.
Date: Sept 5, 2020 – 19h00
Duration: 1h
Facebook event

The yoga mats are at your disposal. Feel free to take yours.
Think to your well being: let’s avoid belts and other compressions. The most comfortable is a yoga or jogging set.

COVID Mesure :

Please, wear a mask except when sitting/lying on the mats (distance of 1m50 ).
Please come with a protection cloth for the mat and a wipe if you want a cushion.
Also think to have a blanket with you. You may come with your yoga mat/zafu/…
If you forget, we have some spare for you and wash them after each usage.

Do not forget to bring some water in order to rehydrate yourself and have the benefit of the session last longer.

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