Regenerating Movement (Katsugen Undo)

This is a group practice that consists in feeling and sharing energy.
Some “exercises” are done alone in meditation mode; others are practiced in pairs, others consist in activating one’s personal energy.

This technique have been transmitted to us by Itsuo Tsuda, in person.

In the Asian thinking, and particularly in Japan, our body has naturally the ability to retune and rebalance itself, if we let it do it. Katsugen Undô is the manifestation of it. It only is movements, mad by the body, when our will let go, willingly. It is the equivalent of the mouvements made during sleep, of the yawning and others, which unconciently happen. However, in this case, the body tells us its need and we let it do.

Katsugen Undo is not learned, on must live it.
Therefor, we learn some movements in order to activate it and learn to let go.

This is a group learning that consist in feeling and sharing energy.
Some “exercices” are made alone, like meditation; others are practiced in pairs; and others consist in activating one’s personal energy.

Haruchika Nogushi formulated this at the begining of the 20th centrury. We were initated to it by Itsuo Tsuda, who followed the teaching of Master Nogushi.

We offer thus two formules in this domain (see the agenda) :

  • Workshop Energy : initiation of some hours to the energy, theory of the regenerating movement, exercices;
  • Practice of Katsugen Undô, Meditations, Meridian Stretching : recurrent 1h group sessions that allow to share and evolve to the needed let go.