This group activity (private session available on request) allows to refocus on oneself to harmonize, relax, and therefore better understand the world as well as oneself.
We have embraced the group formula in order to share knowledge and foster personal evolution through change and the eventual exchange that follows for those who desire it.

These meditations come in two forms:

  • guided meditation ;
  • “silent” meditation.

Guided Meditation

The sessions are therefore held in groups, in silence, under the guidance of the animator who directs the thoughts to reach a state of relaxation and well-being as deep as possible.

This is available in several applications:

  • Sitting meditation is practiced either on the floor or on a chair;
  • Walking meditation is practiced standing;
  • Sound meditation is practiced in a sitting or lying position, by focusing on the sounds produced by Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, musical instruments or others.

“Silent” Meditation

The sessions are also held in groups, completely silent (without speaking) once all the participants have been installed and the instructions have been given.

  • The sound bath is preferably practiced on the ground. Unlike the sound meditations the bowls (or others) are moved in turn and above the practitioners for more depth and everyone keeps silence; 
  • Meditation with crystal is practiced sitting. Depending on the wishes of the participants or the theme envisaged by the organizers, the sessions will be presented differently. Each one will have his crystal in hand and will focus on what he feels on the part of this stone where the participants place themselves in turn of a grid and meditate in the same direction, on a shared theme.