Japanese Vibrations (NVR)

The receiver lies on tatamis. The practitioner begins giving vibrations at the feet and continues upper and upper, slowly, to the head.

The induced movements generate a state of very deep relaxation that frees the body from stress and tensions. The receiver is plunged into a state of deep meditation.

The session is systematically conducted the same way, respecting the mobility of the body.
Nor the practitioner or the receiver break the silence. This is necessary for reaching this state. The practitioner remains in harmony with the receiver and checks constantly the reactions his reactions.

It’s important that the receiver wears the kind of outfit used for yoga, for a maximal relaxation. He also wears common socks (upper the ankle) and did remove all his jewelries in order to avoid any discomfort or pain.

Japanese Vibrations and Korean Relaxation share the same origine.