Introduction Traineeship to sonology: “the sound as a tool in one’s personal development”


We use different techniques all day long, that you can apply afterward to

  • better handle stress;
  • emprove sleep;
  • improve your physical and mental condition;
  • and many other aspects.

At the agenda:

  •  Do-in: streching based that improve one’s physical and mental condition (for a good start of the day) ;
  • Breathing and Balancing Exercises   (for breaking the rythm) accessibles to anyone at all time, for better handle stress and obsessing ideas (e.g. between meetings, in the street, at home);
  • The sound as a personal tool: exercises with differents instruments like a tong pan, chimes, singing boals and tuning forks. This part is the most developped and contains a session of “the circle of sound”. You will learn to feel the sound; you will test the different instruments, and choose the one(s) that matche(s) you. You will then be initiated to the practice of sonology as a personal practice.

Practical Information


9:00 : Welcome
9:30 : Beginning of the activities
12:00 : Break
13:30 : Back to pleasure
16:30 : Debriefing and final sharing
17:00 : Thank you

Midday break :

Please take your meal and drinks.

During the week, the sandwichshop, at 20m, is open;
The Bio shop, 100m away, is open from Wendnesday to Sunday;
The shops located chaussée de Bruxelles, the Carrefour, the Delhaize and the Dehli traiteur are not far. Check the dates and open hours.

What do you need to take with you?

Bring loose, comfortable clothing like a T-Shirt and a Yoga/fitness trousers. You can get changed on premise.

Also, take enough drink to keep hydrated. Water is ideal. It fixes the benefits, purifies and hydrate.

If you your own stuff, you may take a blanket because the body temperature can drop during the sound work and during digestion. You may also take one or two of your pillows for the head and/or the knees, during the lying exercises.

The Traineeship is made to be lived and assimilated. Some peaple need to take notes to remember the important points. It is a learning that will grow on the middle and long term. So, do not hesitate.

Location and Contact

Centre EKI-Vibre, Waterloo