Foot Reflexology

One base here on the principle that all the body is represented in the feet, mostly on the sole, but also on the ankle, the metatarsus and the toes.

The work on the feet is very relaxing. It is not a massage. but the receiver feels it like this though, which provides a double positive effect: the relaxation itself and a better effect on the stimulated areas.

The receiver has the choice between being sitting or lying. For a most effective relaxation, lying is strongly recommended.
The receiver is on a massage table and the therapist sits at his feets.

The session takes usually the form of a harmonization. If a special need happens the work will be more insistant on that part.
There is no special outfit needed here, except the need to have bare feet and ankles.

Remark: for a better experience, we use oil and creams

Foot Reflexology also can be made, on demande, with tuning forks.