Family Shiatsu

Familial Shiatsu is a technique that is practiced in Japanese Families in order to remain in good health and ease the daily diseases.

In its classical form, it can be practiced on the flour, sitting or lying.
We give it thus like this, on tatamis.
On the other hand, as it is made for that, there is no objection to giving it anywhere like on a chair or in a car, to eldest or handicapped people. We also have a massage chair at disposal.

Family Shiatsu is a succession of pressions on precise points or zones, usually with the thumb or the palm of the hand.
The receiver always keeps his clothes.
In order to improve the effects and the work, it is preferable to avoid belts, heavy or tight outfits and jewelries,

This gives a huge relaxation and Cela procure une grande détente, flushes out stress and helps put the body back in sync with itself.

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