Sonology Workshop : The sound, a help for personal development

As a first introduction to wellness sonology, this workshop will teach you how to take care of yourself with the sound and more precisely with singing bowls.

We shall quickly overview sonology in most of its aspects and then focus on instruments that are tipically used for soundbaths and individual sessions: Tibetan bows, tuning forks, chimes, gongs, rain sticks, etc.

You will learn to use the singing bowls on you and your loved ones. Perhaps you’ll want to go further in learning more techniques.

A session “The circle of the Sound” is also on the program.

For more detail, check the description page.
Next planned sessions: see the agenda.

Regenerative Movement (Katsugen Undô): PUBLICATION

We just published the description page about the regenerative movement en Yuki.

You also can read the blog post we wrote (french only) and that is published bythe magazine être-plus.

Please check the agenda (french only) for the different sessions.
In order to achieve the target of the regenerating movement, we offer two either recurrent one hour group sessions, following the teaching of I. Tsuda, or a half day energy workshop.
During this one, we discuss further the philosophy of Katsugen Undô and also integrate meridian stretchings and meditations.

Due to the current situation, please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or to request other dates.

Looking forward sharing this wonderful experience with you,

Marc et Véronique De Brabandere-Devroe

Relaxation through Sound Bath

It’s been time to go back to school and work. Therefor, we suggest you relaxing during the week-end, with a Sound Bath.

This is like a concert.
The therapeutic instruments are give another dimention and are deeply relaxing.

Each one chose on the moment, following his needs, either to lye down or to sit.
Lying is of course more relaxing. But sitting is more suitable for meditation.

Each one is invited to concentrate on his needs and the inner actions one want to be induced by the sound.
One concentrates on one-self, on one’s feeling.
We care of us.

We’ll be delighted to share this moment with you.
Marc et Véronique De Brabandere


Capacity: 8 pers. maximum
Price: €15,-
Reservation mandatory : 0494 89 97 29 (phone & watsapp) or messenger.
Date: Sept 5, 2020 – 19h00
Duration: 1h
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The yoga mats are at your disposal. Feel free to take yours.
Think to your well being: let’s avoid belts and other compressions. The most comfortable is a yoga or jogging set.

COVID Mesure :

Please, wear a mask except when sitting/lying on the mats (distance of 1m50 ).
Please come with a protection cloth for the mat and a wipe if you want a cushion.
Also think to have a blanket with you. You may come with your yoga mat/zafu/…
If you forget, we have some spare for you and wash them after each usage.

Do not forget to bring some water in order to rehydrate yourself and have the benefit of the session last longer.

Family relaxation and share – NEW

You need or want to share a moment of relaxation together?
Interested in a new experience?

EKI-Vibre gives you the opportunity to select a session that will bring you calm, wellness and share.

You chose between different practices like Tibetan Bowls, Tunig Forks, bells, gongs, sitting meditation, walking meditation and crystal meditation.

Looking forward sharing with you.

Shiva Lingham

Formed in India and more precisely in the Narmada river, the Shiva Lingham is jasper taking their characteristic shape naturally rolled in geological depressions called “pots”. The lingham we find today are cut by human hands but do not lose their symbolism.

The Lingham is the symbol of the god Shiva, masculine principle, within the manifested world. The union of Shiva and Shakti (feminine principle represented by the Yoni or cup) is at the origin of the creation. The Linghams are a phallic representation, but their soft curves are reminiscent of the primordial egg which is at the origin of the universe. They bring together in them the feminine which brings things and beings into the world and the masculine which is the energy necessary for this creation.

In lithotherapy, I use the lingham as a grounding stone at the level of the root chakra. In the temples, the lingham is the god Shiva himself as a creative principle and are planted in a base representing the Earth. They rise to the intermediate world of men and then to Heaven. Symbolically, they connect these three worlds. They help us to find our place and our balance in our hectic and shifting world where it is sometimes difficult to find a moment of calm.

I use them equal to the level of the sacred chakra. This chakra speaks to us of energy and eroticism. The lingham carry within them the energy and the sacred linked to the act of procreation represented by the union of Shiva and Shakti. In this they help us to harmonize our sexuality and to feel safe with our own body and our desires. Likewise, they are excellent in case of fatigue. They help us gain stamina and conserve our energy during periods of intense work or stress.

They are also valuable at the level of the third eye chakra. They open the doors of intuition and thereby help us to sort out our thoughts and our intuition. During meditations or even in everyday life, they allow us to let thoughts pass like clouds in the sky and listen to what our heart tells us. In meditation without an object, the flow of thoughts can then simply be observed as a flight of wild birds and our mind will remain calm and serene, detached. In analytical meditation, they will dispel preconceived ideas, leaving room for intuition.

Je vous livre ici le fruit de mon expérience.  Elle m’est personnelle.   Je ne suis encore qu’un enfant sur le long chemin de la connaissance… (Antares LeSage)